1. No abuse – Aggressive messaging of other members through our channels will not be tolerated, whether in audio or text.
  2. No spam or advertising – We appreciate that people come here to connect, but don’t overuse @here or @everyone. This also isn’t a place for you to sell products or promote services, unless specifically approved by an admin.
  3. Keep it PG-13 – We don’t expect conversations to be 100% clean, but please keep the conversations in public channels as free from graphic sexual, violent, or potentially disturbing language as possible. If you want to discuss such things, send a DM.
  4. Be welcoming – You might be a seasoned pro at the game you’re playing, but we want everyone feel free to participate. Be nurturing with players who aren’t familiar with your genre of choice. Most of you are great at taking new players and helping them learn the ropes.
  5. Tell an admin – If you had a problem with your latest match or the conduct of another member, please contact an admin. We’re listed above the rest of the members on the right-hand side of discord and are here to help.
  6. Keep it fun – Going forward we will be organising tournaments and formal competitive events, but for the most part, this discord is about having fun; try to keep it that way. Friendly competition is fine, but remember why we’re here.

If you have any more suggestions, whether they be additions to this list or ideas about how our Discord could be made better, then please feel free to shoot us a message on the Contact page.