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LDN Gaymers Active: The Beast (Inflatable Obstacle Course)


 Monday 28 August 2017
 9.00 pm - 10.00 pm

About the event

£22 to do the world’s biggest inflatable assault course.

Buy a ticket for the 9:30pm or 9:45pm slot here:


How do I get a ticket?

Sometimes you will be required to get your own ticket, while at other times one of our admins will buy the tickets on behalf of the group. Check the event description on this page or visit our Facebook group for specific instructions for this event.

I’m new – can I come?

Of course! Sidequest meet-ups are a really relaxed way to meet a small group of gaymers. We often go for food before or after the event as well (depending on the time of the event) so you can chat to people in a relaxed environment.


Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace Way
London, N22 7AY United Kingdom

Want to come?

  Get tickets - £22   Join facebook group  This is a ticketed event. Please join the Facebook group and get a ticket before going to the venue.

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Play online?

Join our Discord server: discord.me/gaymersinc