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LDN Gaymers Movies: Star Wars – The Last Jedi


 Friday 15 December 2017
 6.30 pm - 11.00 pm

About the event

What is that cute new creature? Has Rey turned to the dark side? Will Ren kill General Leia? Will Finn manage to defeat Brienne of Tarth? Find out just in time for Christmas…


Group tickets are now booked – please check the the members group event to see where we are sitting so that you can book your own ticket nearby.

We’ll meet for dinner at 6:30 before the movie. We will do a poll the day before if you’d like to join.

Our admins will usually approve new members quickly. Then click the Events tab to join this event.


How do I get a ticket?

To join us for a cinema trip check the full details on our Facebook group. One of the admins will post a seating chart showing you where we’re sitting. Then it’s up to you to book your own cinema ticket in a nearby seat!

I’m new – can I come?

Of course! The cinema meet-ups are a really relaxed way to meet a small group of gaymers. We often go for food before or after the movie as well (depending on the time of the screening) so you can chat to people in a relaxed environment.

Can I use my Cineworld or Moviepass card?

Yes! It’s up to you to book your own cinema ticket – so you can use any subscriptions or vouchers you like. We’ll post a seating chart on our Facebook group so you can book a seat near the group.

What happens on the day?

We typically meet outside the venue about 20 minutes before the movie begins – look out for the group of awesome gaymers hanging around! Sometimes we go for food before the movie. Check the event description above for full details.


Cineworld at The O2

Peninsular Square
London, SE10 0DX United Kingdom

At this venue:
  Gender-neutral bathroom
  Step-free access
  Accessible bathroom
  Free entry for carers with CEA card

Want to come?

  Tickets coming soon   Join facebook group  This is a ticketed event. Please join the Facebook group and get a ticket before going to the venue.

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Play online?

Join our Discord server: discord.me/gaymersinc