Move over Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel has arrived. In this movie we head back to the 90s (before Hit Me Baby One More Time) as Carol Danvers gets herself caught in the middle of a war between two alien races (don’t you just have when that happens) and…YOU GUESSED IT, has to figure out how to save the world.

Check the Facebook event for details on how to get a seat with us.

We will meet about 6:30pm at the cinema and go for a social bite to eat before the movie. You’ll be added to a FB Messenger chat before the event. If you decide to come last minute check the ‘Chats’ tab on the group for it. For everyone else, we’ll meet about 10 minutes before the movie starts in the foyer to grab some snacks.


Join us at The Old School Yard for our big monthly meet-up, where we take over the whole venue with our TVs and consoles. Go 8-bit in retro corner 👾, try your luck in the monthly tournament 🏆 or get competitive with multiplayer games such as Mario Kart.


This is a ticketed event. Please make sure you have a ticket before going to the venue.



Gaymers! Who loves trampolining? Add in some balls… NOW PICK THEM UP AND THROW THEM AT EACH OTHER! Dodgeball trampolining is back again for another Gaymers Active meet-up!



Greetings, programs! Do you want to play a game? Seek the one 👑 to rule them all at the Ultimate Geek Quiz this February, guided by High Summoner Adam Jay and Sam Rondeau. Take a journey through six rounds of interactive questions on sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and pop culture and more to earn the most EXP ✨ and ultimately save the world from this month’s FINAL BOSS!


No need to steal cursed Aztec gold to take part. A mere £3 per person will allow you to set off on your journey for the crown.

It’s dangerous to quiz alone! Form a balanced team of up to 6 tank, support and DPS nerds to take on the challenges that await you. Feel free to come by yourself, we’ll set you up with some allies on the night.

Only the strongest team with the most EXP can face off against the Final Boss and have the chance of winning a prize. You’ll head through a portal of your choosing to one of three alternate realities:


Relax with a Sunday roast and your favourite board games, every second Sunday at the Owl and Hitchhiker, near Archway station. Your hosts Alex and Ceajay will bring as many games as they can carry, and are happy to teach you anything and everything about board games. Pub serves vegan-friendly roasts and we’re pretty sure you can sweet-talk them into providing Long Island Iced Tea too, if that’s your thing.

If you have any preferences for games, let Alex and Ceajay know – or feel free to bring your own!



Did you think this had gone away, to never come back?

Did you think it had been clicked out of existence?

Did you think it had reached 88mph and shot out of our time? 

Well, Gaymers, WE’RE BACK, BABY! 😭😍

Pop-Up Cinema is rebooted and running once again, ready to give you your much needed injection of geeky film real ness. Hosted by your questionably small Protagonist, Adam Jay!

WHAT?! 🧐

This month we’re watching FIFTH ELEMENT, the winner of this months poll!

Each event (every two months) we will have a vote put out to a themed group of films and you all get to vote!!! There will also be a space for a fan favourite to be added to the theme! The film with the most votes will be played on the day!

We will have games beforehand, some tropes/shout out style games during, and our ol’ pal JACKBOX will be there to boost our morale after the film! 

Entry is FREE!


The Two Brewers in Clapham, in the back room 🙂 the bar will be open for all your drinking needs, obviously. Free sweets and popcorn provided by our lovely hosts at Two Brewers! 


Arrive for 3.30pm for a 4.30pm film start!

Happy New year to you all! We hope you had a wonder Christmas and New year!

Join us at The Old School Yard for our January meet up – this month featuring Big Crown Showdown on PS4!

We’ve got plenty of games for newbies and seasoned gamers alike. We’ve got retro corner 👾, the monthly tournament 🏆 and plenty of multiplayer games such as Mario Kart to let your competitive streak loose.

Tickets will be released Wednesday 9th January at 7pm with a second drop on Wednesday 16th January at 8am.

Thirsty? 🍸

Happy Hour runs from 6-8pm during which you can get two Becks for £5 🍻 or a cocktail for £4.50 🍹. There are plenty of food places around London Bridge station, as well as Tesco, Sainsbury and a chip shop near the venue on Long Lane. Bar has a minimum spend of £10. There are cash machines right outside both Tesco and Sainsbury.

👋 First time?

There’s no need to worry about coming alone, people are very friendly at our events . On entry we’ll give you a sticker to help you find other newbies 👶, and our admin team is always on hand to help you meet new gamers.

Come join us to find out the new events first!

Hey there Gaymers! Monthly boardgaming event in North London held every second Sunday, a power lipsync from Highbury and Islington and Archway stations. My co-host and I will be bringing as many games as we can carry, and are happy to teach you anything and everything. All you need to do is eat, drink and enjoy yourselves! We have a large first floor area and a piano on the stairs if you’re hot for that sort of thing. Pub serves vegan-friendly roasts and I’m pretty sure you can sweet-talk them into a Long Island Iced Tea too.

If you have any preferences for games, let me know and I’ll make sure I bring them, or even feel free to bring your own!

Don’t be a Grinch and stay home alone. Jingle all the way up to Hackney for a delicious Christmas meal, Italian style.

We only have 60 places available and a lot of you were interested, so if you really want to come please don’t wait or you might miss out.


Join our group, link below, to secure your spot. Spaces are limited so join quickly!

We’ll request a payment for £35 via Paypal for the meal (remember Friends and Family please). Only once you’ve paid will your place be reserved.


Please join our Facebook group and check the pinned post for the menu options. We’ve done our best to cater for different dietary requirements but if you have any allergies or intolerances please let us know and we can try and sort something out for you separately.


Arrive from 6:30pm for some drinks before sitting down for dinner at 7:30pm. You’ll be able to sit wherever you like on the night, though it would be nice to sit with some people you don’t already know.

Bored of the usual Monopoly and Scrabble? Come and join us on the first floor, sit down at a table with some new friends and play some games! Don’t worry about reading a big rulebook, your hosts will be on-hand to teach you and guide you through the first turns. Plenty of games at you disposal, from 15-minute card games to in-depth strategies, there’ll be something to satisfy the board gamer in you! Like any good pub, there’s food and drink to keep you going.

We run from midday until 10pm and it’s free entry, so join us whenever you like! 

Hosted by Alex and Ceajay, the second Sunday of every month at The Owl & Hitchhiker pub on Holloway Road.

Play online?

Join our Discord server: