Nerdlesque presents: Show Me Your Moves
Ready your players for an evening of video game themed burlesque, boylesque and interactive fun at the new Banksy inspired speakeasy in Waterloo on Thursday 6th September

Leave your joy stick at home for this evening of ‘nerdlesque’. Prepare to see more than eight-bits at the Bomberman striptease and don’t be surprised if you bump into a half naked Princess Peach. There will be no anti-social screen time here, this night is all about interactive gaming: jump into a ball pit, play DIY Overcooked or blind folded Mario to win prizes. 

Marquis Darq
Lady Blue Phoenix

XX Seth
Fingers McGarretty

Dave the Bear 


26 Leake St, London, SE1 7NN

Press Quotes!
“And, goodness me, was it sexy. There’s something wonderful and empowering about seeing people enjoy their bodies, knowing how to work them, how to show them off. “
– Waypoint, On the Impressively Positive Vibes of Video Game Burlesque


For the performers and patrons of Show Me Your Moves, there’s a sense of ownership with these characters. Decades spent with the likes of Manny Calvera or Bomberman allows them to use those personae to explore sexuality in a fashion that may otherwise have seemed too intimidating. For those whose sexualities have historically been maligned and marginalised, this chance to explore their desire through fan fiction and erotica is even more crucial, something the wider games community should embrace and encourage.”
– Kotaku, Video Game Burlesque is Here to Make Your Deepest Fantasy a Reality

Join Ant Man and the Wasp as we find out what the hell they were doing during Infinity War.


6:30pm – Meet at the O2 to get some tasty food before the movie.

8:20pm – Meet in the foyer to grab some snacks and munchies for the film.



A ticket in seat S19 has been booked for the 8:30pm Superscreen showing at the O2 on Friday August 3. Book your own nearby (check the pinned post on our Facebook group event) and reply to the post when you have booked so we know you’re coming.

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