Greetings, programs! Do you want to play a game? Seek the one 👑 to rule them all at the Ultimate Geek Quiz this February, guided by High Summoner Adam Jay and Sam Rondeau. Take a journey through six rounds of interactive questions on sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and pop culture and more to earn the most EXP ✨ and ultimately save the world from this month’s FINAL BOSS!


No need to steal cursed Aztec gold to take part. A mere £3 per person will allow you to set off on your journey for the crown.

It’s dangerous to quiz alone! Form a balanced team of up to 6 tank, support and DPS nerds to take on the challenges that await you. Feel free to come by yourself, we’ll set you up with some allies on the night.

Only the strongest team with the most EXP can face off against the Final Boss and have the chance of winning a prize. You’ll head through a portal of your choosing to one of three alternate realities:


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