About Us

our mission

It can be hard to find friends in London, and online gaming is not always the most inclusive environment for LGBT+ players. We aim to provide a better choice, a place where people can be themselves and find like-minded people to play with. Today we stand at more than 3.8k members – but the quest is just beginning.

Gaymers iNC. is a non-profit group and everything we earn is reinvested in consoles, equipment and throwing great events for our members. The admins do not take a penny for themselves. We run these events for the sheer love of gaming – and that’s a promise.

our events

From our big monthly gaming meet-up to our ultimate geek quiz, we try to provide something for everyone. Explore the photos below to get a taste of our events – and then check the calendar to find out what’s on!

our history

Gaymers iNC. was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who would meet at home in Clapham, London to play videos games together. We quickly realised that games were a great way to bond – and the perfect ice-breaker for newcomers to the group. LDN Gaymers was born!

Word spread and the group grew and grew – so we made it our mission to welcome all of London’s LGBTQ+ gamers into the fold. Today we’re Gaymers iNC. – come and play with us!

The original group of LDN Gaymers

Meet the team

Your admin team is a disparate bunch of games-playing and lightsaber-toting lads from across the UK. Think of us as being akin to the Nazgûl. Except there are three of us. And we are eminently more powerful.

Yusif Ali

Yusif Ali

Yusif founded Gaymers iNC. in 2015 when the group was just a few mates playing games in a flat in Clapham. Today he scours London for the best venues to host our events.


Roony Aka-Haroun

You’ll see Roony at our events taking photos of all your lovely faces. When he’s not snapping away, he’s also a dab hand at music mixing and puts together the playlist for our monthly meet-up.

When you need help, we are there. When you need geek, we are there. When you need pizza, there is always the supermarket – but we will go with you. Whatever you need, give us a shout and we will be ready to fight your corner like Ryu facing off Zangief. I mean, who goes Zangief anyway?! Hadoken!