Gaymers INC. aims to bring LGBT+ geeks and gamers in London together to make lasting friendships. We offer the Gaymers INC. app to help you plan which events you’d like to attend and get customisable event alerts.

Our guiding principle is that we never collect more data than necessary and we do everything we can to keep that data safe.

  1. Introduction

    This privacy policy explains how we treat personally identifiable information when you create an Account.

    • Personally identifiable information is any information from which you can be identified such as your name and photograph. You share your name and photograph with the App when you connect your Facebook account.
    • Non-identifiable information is information that our App uses to perform its core functions. It may include your operating system name or device type. It is not possible to identify you using this data.
  2. Usage
    1. We will use the Personal Data you provide to create an Account for you to use our services.
    2. We will use your Personal Data to let you customise your event alerts, receive messages from the admin team, and see pages in the App that are relevant for you.
    3. We will never sell or distribute your personal data to third parties.
    4. By law, we may be compelled to disclose your Personal Data to law enforcement.
  3. App Tracking
    1. The App uses cookies and session management tracking to maintain your user experience. A cookie is a small data file stored on your devices local drive.
    2. Cookies are required to deliver the core functions of the App.
    3. The App also uses a ‘session cookie’ that only exists until you finish your browser session. These cookies are used to store your data as you move through your browser session but are never accessed by anyone else.
  4. Storage & security
    1. Your account information is protected by Facebook Auth. We never receive your password or log-in details.
    2. We only store your name, photo and app preferences on our server.
  5. Geo-location
    1. When you use the App, we may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current location and display a location map.
    2. We will not share your current location with other users or partners.
  6. Communications
    1. Where appropriate we may send you communications relating to the services, such as product updates and improvements and service provision.
  7. Responsibility & Liability
    1. The App may contain hyperlinks to other websites or other third party services. We have no control over the content on any third-party website or service.
  8. Data Removal
    1. You may request removal of your data at any time via our website.
  9. Changes to this Policy
    1. This policy may be updated at any time, for any reason.