Everybody in our Facebook group shares the responsibility to make the group an enjoyable, supportive and inclusive environment.

People rarely violate our community standards, but this page details what happens when somebody does.

Facebook’s rules

Our community standards build on Facebook’s existing rules, which govern anything you post on the social network, including in our group. These guidelines form the basis for our community standards and cover topics such as copyright, violence, incitement, hate speech, bullying, sexual content and false news. We go further to keep our group safe.

Our community rules

Be kind

Treat everybody with respect. Healthy debates are welcome, but always be polite. Do not post comments that are designed to incite an argument. This includes console wars!

Hate speech or exclusionary posts

Hate speech, degrading, dehumanising and supremacist posts on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, gender identity and other protected characteristics as laid out in Facebook’s rules are not allowed.

Exclusionary posts include insensitive or ignorant comments about protected characteristics such as race, religion, sexuality or gender identity. We may remove these posts, or reply to them publicly to explain why they violate our rules.


Bullying is not welcome on our message boards. We use Facebook’s rules as a basis to determine whether behaviour crosses into bullying and harassment.


Please don’t post spoilers from newly released games, movies or TV shows.

Advertisement and recruitment

Our message boards are not a place to recruit people to your own groups, boards or communities. We do not allow shout-outs asking people to add, message or follow you.

Sexual content

Inauthentic behaviour

We expect our members to represent their true selves and may investigate and remove inauthentic accounts and activity.

Keep it geek!

Please keep posts related to games, sci-fi and other geeky topics.

How we enforce these standards

Our admins and moderators enforce our community standards. If you see something on our Facebook group that causes concern, use the reporting tool on Facebook to let us know. You can also report a concern anonymously on our website.

When a post is reported, we examine:

We consider whether to:

Some violations – including explicitly racist, anti-trans or anti-LGBT posts – will result in an immediate ban.

Updated 21 June 2020


Gaymers INC. aims to bring LGBT+ geeks and gamers in London together to make lasting friendships. We offer the Gaymers INC. app to help you plan which events you’d like to attend and get customisable event alerts.

Our guiding principle is that we never collect more data than necessary and we do everything we can to keep that data safe.

  1. Introduction

    This privacy policy explains how we treat personally identifiable information when you create an Account.

    • Personally identifiable information is any information from which you can be identified such as your name and photograph. You share your name and photograph with the App when you connect your Facebook account.
    • Non-identifiable information is information that our App uses to perform its core functions. It may include your operating system name or device type. It is not possible to identify you using this data.
  2. Usage
    1. We will use the Personal Data you provide to create an Account for you to use our services.
    2. We will use your Personal Data to let you customise your event alerts, receive messages from the admin team, and see pages in the App that are relevant for you.
    3. We will never sell or distribute your personal data to third parties.
    4. By law, we may be compelled to disclose your Personal Data to law enforcement.
  3. App Tracking
    1. The App uses cookies and session management tracking to maintain your user experience. A cookie is a small data file stored on your devices local drive.
    2. Cookies are required to deliver the core functions of the App.
    3. The App also uses a ‘session cookie’ that only exists until you finish your browser session. These cookies are used to store your data as you move through your browser session but are never accessed by anyone else.
  4. Storage & security
    1. Your account information is protected by Facebook Auth. We never receive your password or log-in details.
    2. We only store your name, photo and app preferences on our server.
  5. Geo-location
    1. When you use the App, we may use GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current location and display a location map.
    2. We will not share your current location with other users or partners.
  6. Communications
    1. Where appropriate we may send you communications relating to the services, such as product updates and improvements and service provision.
  7. Responsibility & Liability
    1. The App may contain hyperlinks to other websites or other third party services. We have no control over the content on any third-party website or service.
  8. Data Removal
    1. You may request removal of your data at any time via our website.
  9. Changes to this Policy
    1. This policy may be updated at any time, for any reason.

Pride t-shirts

Thanks to everyone who ordered one of our Pride t-shirts.

You’ll be able to pick up your t-shirt on 5 July at our Pride party with Nintendo or on 7 July – the day of the parade in London.

Pride t-shirts

We’re delighted to reveal our limited edition t-shirt and tank to celebrate the Pride season. Whether you want to show your stripes in the parade – or just fancy lounging around gaming in a sickening t-shirt, we’ve got you covered!

 Order by 6pm on 16 June 2019.

T-shirt – Style A

£15 – Standard-cut t-shirt, 100% cotton. Size guide.

T-shirt – Style B

£15 – Form-fitting t-shirt designed to hug a feminine figure! 100% cotton. Size guide.

Tank – Style C

£15 – show off those guns in this lovely tank top. 100% cotton. Size guide.

How to order

  1. Choose your preferred style – A, B or C.
  2. Check the size chart and work out the size you need.
  3. Send your payment via Paypal or CashApp.
  4. State your name as it appears on Facebook, your desired style and size in the payment notes on PayPal or CashApp.

You’ll be able to collect your t-shirt at our Pride Party supported by Nintendo on 4 July – or on the day of the Pride parade on 6 July.


If you wish to send your payment on PayPal, do not tick the ‘Goods and Services’ box on PayPal. If you do, we will be charged a fee. So please don’t.



If you wish to send your payment on CashApp, click the button below. Remember to state your chosen style and size.



Gaymers iNC. aims to bring LGBT+ geeks and gamers in London together to make lasting friendships. To do this we sometimes need to process any personal data you choose to share with us. This page explains when we do that, why we do it and how we do it, so you can make privacy choices that are right for you.

Our guiding principle is that we never collect more data than necessary and we do everything we can to keep that data safe.

Joining our Facebook group

Gaymers iNC. does not keep a copy of your private data when you join the Facebook group. The group administrators will be able to see your join request, your public profile information, the date you joined the Facebook group, and the answers you provided to the ‘member request questions’. If you leave the Facebook group any posts you have made will remain on the group unless you delete them. Your interaction with the Facebook group is processed entirely by Facebook. For more information read the Facebook privacy guide.

While the Facebook group is a closed group so we can manually approve members, it is not a secret group. Other people may be able to see that you have joined the group.

Signing up for our newsletter with MailChimp

You can submit your email address on our events page to receive our events newsletter, which we usually send out every few weeks. You’ll be the first to know what events are coming up and when tickets will be available.

We will only use your email address to send you our newsletter and to invite you to share feedback with Gaymers iNC. and you can unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe link in the emails you receive.

We will not use your email address for anything else.

The service is operated by MailChimp. When you enter your email address, it will be stored by MailChimp so that we can send you our newsletter. For more information check the MailChimp privacy policy.

Sending us event feedback

Occasionally we post a link to a feedback form so that members can help us improve our events. This service is operated by Typeform. We do not receive any information other than what you type into the form. For more information read the Typeform privacy guide.

Buying event tickets with Universe

We use our ticketing partner Universe to sell tickets to our events. Ticket sales made on are also processed by Universe. As part of the sale process, Universe collects personally identifiable information and payment information. For more details read the Universe privacy policy.

Gaymers iNC. never receives your payment information when you buy a ticket from Universe. We do see your email address so we can contact you about your order. We also see the names you have put on your tickets and the time and date you bought your tickets. This information is stored by Universe.

Volunteering for an event

When you fill out the volunteer form, we collect the data you enter so that we can contact you about volunteering. This form is processed by Typeform. We do not receive any information other than what you type into the form. For more information read the Typeform privacy guide.

We typically keep a copy of the contact information you have entered in the form, and the roles you would be happy to volunteer in, for a few months. You can ask us to delete your data at any time.

Request a copy of your data

You are entitled to request a copy of the personal data we have stored about you. To request a copy of any personal data we may have stored about you, please fill out the form below. This will not include any posts or contributions you made on the Facebook group, as these are stored by Facebook.

Request removal of your personal data

You can ask us to delete any personal data we have stored about you. To request this, please fill out the form below. This will not include any posts or contributions you made on the Facebook group, as these are stored by Facebook. We may need to confirm your identity before fulfilling your request.

Registering for the Pride parade

When you fill out the form to apply to march with us at Pride in London, we collect the data you enter so that we can contact you about marching in the parade. This form is processed by Google Forms. We do not receive any information other than what you type into the form.

We typically keep a copy of the contact information you have entered in the form for a few months. You can ask us to delete your data at any time.

Introducing Gaymers iNC.

An introduction by Chris, Kristof, Roony & Yusif

This group was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who would meet at home in Clapham, London to play videos games together. We quickly realised that games were a great way to bond – and the perfect ice-breaker for newcomers to the group. LDN Gaymers was born!

The original group of LDN Gaymers

That name served us well – but we were not the only group in London reaching out to LGBT+ geeks and gamers. To Londoners, LDN and London are one and the same. Many gamers told us they found it confusing that there were two groups with essentially the same name. Gamers would post on the other group’s wall, thanking them for events we had thrown. We know the team at London Gaymers found that frustrating too.

As word spread and the group grew and grew, we knew it was time to level up.

Why Gaymers iNC.?

We recognised the importance and benefit of establishing a unique identity that would set us apart – but we agreed that it was only worth doing when we found a name that really clicked for us.

We discussed and rejected a lot of options, had some heated discussions but eventually put the idea on the back-burner so we could focus on developing our events.

Then, on a frosty winter morning in Clapham North, a flash of inspiration struck.

Gaymers iNC. We bring gaymers together and incorporate everyone. We’re inclusive. And our members are incredible. It sounded good. It felt right. It made sense. And it reminded us of Monsters, Inc – which is always a plus.

A new design

Although we approached some of our friends and professional designers to submit their logo ideas, in the end we went with a design we made ourselves.

Prototype designs

Our new logo – the Gaymers iNC. crest – is evocative of a guild or tribe. It reflects how we unite as a community, look out for one another and stand together, even when times are tough.

The game pad of course represents video games. Its shape is somewhere in between the Xbox controller and a PlayStation controller, while the colour arrangement is a nod to the SNES.

We wanted to give the logo a preppy, comic book feel that our super-heroes would be proud to march with at Pride.

Gaymers iNC. logo

Our new website is eye-catching and bright – but also more accessible. The text and background colours are designed to be high-contrast so they are more legible. We’ve added accessibility information to our event pages, and our relaunch videos are subtitled.

When we say inclusive, we mean it. And there’s more to come.

Everything else stays the same

A few months ago we made the decision to charge a small fee for our big monthly meet-up at The Old School Yard. Running big events like ours costs money – but we are still a not-for-profit community. Everything is reinvested in new kit and throwing great events.

To ensure that everybody has the same opportunity to come to our events, we also keep aside a handful of free entry tickets for gaymers who volunteer their time to help out.

Group at PrideGaymers at a Gaymers Inc eventGaymers shouting at a video gameFriendsA group of friendsGroup of friends hugging

The admins don’t take a penny for themselves. In fact, the whole rebrand – logo, graphics, videos and website – was done at no cost to the group. We are proud that the group has no debt and will never charge more than absolutely necessary – and that’s a promise.

It can be hard to find friends in London, and online gaming is not always the most inclusive environment for LGBT+ players. Our mission remains the same. We aim to provide a better choice, a place where people can be themselves and find like-minded people to play with. Today we stand at 2,000 members – but the quest is just beginning.

This year marked the first time that LDNGaymers marched at the Pride parade through London, and our boys did themselves proud. They raised the call for LGBT people to come and join us with the message that there’s a place for geeks and gaymers – and it’s with us!

The day started early with the expert body painting skills of Seventaimage. The gaymers got their cosplay mood on and transformed into superheroes from across the spectrum. Then it was time to march!

London Pride 2016: Body Painting London Pride 2016: Mattia Getting Painted London Pride 2016: Adam Before and After

Traveling down from Portland Place, the parade wound its way through central London with many superhero photo opportunities along the way. Our banner was carried high behind us as we stomped through Oxford Circus, down Regent Street and through Piccadilly Circus. It was an electric atmosphere with the people of London coming together to celebrate with the LGBT community. Eventually the parade came to a conclusion at Trafalgar Square and the party continued with live acts on the big stage.

London Pride 2016: The Parade

To finish off we thought our boys had earned themselves a good drink, so off to Ku Bar we went to celebrate a job well done.

Definitely a day to remember – well done gaymers!!!

– ⚔ LDNGaymers ⚔