Gaymers INC. is a diverse community of LGBT+ gamers from all walks of life. When you join our Facebook group, you share in the responsibility to make the group a fun, enjoyable, supportive and inclusive environment for everyone.

People rarely violate our community standards, but this page details what happens when somebody does.

We have a team of moderators who help enforce our community standards. If you see something on our Facebook group you think is inappropriate or causes concern, use the reporting tool to let us know.

Facebook’s rules

Our community standards build on Facebook’s existing rules, which govern anything you post on the social network, including in our group. These guidelines form the basis for our community standards and cover topics such as violence, incitement, hate speech, bullying, sexual content and false news. However, we go further to keep our group safe.

Our rules

Be kind

Treat everybody with respect. Healthy debates are welcome, but always be polite.

  • Do not make personal attacks, swear at people or use insulting language. If you can’t stay calm, take a break from the keyboard.
  • Consider the tone of your messages, so that people always feel comfortable and welcome taking part in conversations. Language such as “shut up”, “I don’t care what you think”, “I’ll say what I fucking want”, “people who don’t get this are dumb” or “get your head out of your ass” would violate this rule.
  • Shady memes and GIFs used to belittle, insult or mock others or disparage their contributions are not allowed.

Hate speech or exclusionary speech

Hate speech, degrading, dehumanising and supremacist posts on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, gender identity and other protected characteristics as laid out in Facebook’s rules are not allowed.

Exclusionary speech, which includes insensitive or ignorant posts about protected characteristics such as race, religion, sexuality or gender identity, is not allowed.


Bullying is not welcome on our message boards. We use Facebook’s rules as a basis to determine whether behaviour crosses into bullying and harassment.

Argument baiting

Do not post comments that are designed to incite an argument. This includes comments about console wars and fanboys that create tensions in the community. If you see an argument kicking off, please report it rather than fanning the flames.


Please don’t post any spoilers or screenshots from new games, movies or TV shows that have recently been released.

  • We offer specific Discord and Messenger chats for some games and TV shows to provide a private channel to discuss spoilers.
  • Check the rules of those chats to make sure you are not sharing spoilers before the allowed date.

Recruitment and advertisement

Our message boards are not a place to recruit people to your own groups, boards or communities. We do not allow personal posts and shout outs asking people to add, message or follow you.

  • Advertising for products, companies, TV shows and so on is not allowed on the boards without the express permission of the admins.
  • We allow members who have previously attended our events to post on the Banter board if they are looking for a housemate or have a room available to rent.
  • We do not allow items to be sold on our message boards.

Sexual content

  • Facebook does not allow sexually explicit content such as posts, comments, images and videos. This can also include memes and GIFs of a sexual nature. We remove this content to avoid being restricted by Facebook.
  • We’re a gaming group, not a hook-up app so please don’t post about your sex life.
  • We do allow some discussion of sexuality and sex on our Banter board, where the discussion or specific posts do not focus on specific sexual encounters or practices.

Inauthentic behaviour

We expect our members to represent their true selves and may remove or investigate suspicious accounts or activity.

Keep it geek

Please keep posts related to games, sci-fi and other geeky topics. If you want to go off-topic please join the Banter Board.

How we enforce our rules

When somebody posts something that may violate our rules, we consider:

  • the severity of the violation
  • the likelihood of the post causing harm, making members of the community feel isolated or stifling healthy conversation if it is left online
  • whether this is the first time the member has violated the rules
  • the member’s previous contributions to the group
  • whether the member has attended community events

We may decide to:

  • take no action if we judge the rules have not been violated
  • ask the member to remove the post
  • remove the post ourselves, letting the member know why it has been deleted
  • place the member in ‘time out’, during which they will not be able to post in the group
  • remove the member from the group

Some violations – including racist, anti-trans or anti-LGBT posts – will result in an immediate ban.