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Wednesday 5 June 2019
6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

About this event

Dark Phoenix. Do we love her? Are we scared of her? Are we looking at her and just seeing Sansa Stark? We’ll never know. Come join us to find out.


On the day

We will meet about 6:30pm at the cinema, food may be difficult because of timing, so we’re advising that you pick some food up before the movie. You’ll be added to a FB Messenger chat before the event. If you decide to come last minute check the ‘Chats’ tab on the group for it.

Cinema Trip FAQ

How do I get a ticket?

Once the cinema puts tickets for this screening on sale, we will post a seating chart on Facebook showing you where we will be sitting. Then it is up to you to book your own cinema ticket in a nearby seat!

I’m new – can I come?

Of course! The cinema meet-ups are a really relaxed way to meet a small group of gaymers. We often go for food before or after the movie as well (depending on the time of the screening) so you can chat to people in a relaxed environment.

Can I use my Cineworld or Moviepass card?

Yes! It’s up to you to book your own cinema ticket – so you can use any subscriptions or vouchers you like. We will a seating chart on the Facebook event so you can book a seat near the group.

What happens on the day?

We typically meet outside the venue about 20 minutes before the movie begins – look out for the group of awesome gaymers hanging around! Sometimes we go for food before the movie. Check the event description above for full details.

Want to come?

  Get tickets   See Seating plan   Join facebook group  You will need to buy your own ticket for this event. Join our Facebook group for updates.


Cineworld West India Quay

11 Hertsmere Road
London, E14 4AL United Kingdom