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Gaymers go to Hyper Japan


Saturday 16 July 2016
3.30 pm - 9.00 pm

About this event

Hey LDNGaymers,

HYPER JAPAN Festival is your one-stop experience for all things Japanese this summer. Take in the festival atmosphere with family and friends, and share your passion for whichever is your favourite facet of J-culture! Enjoy the latest videogames, anime or manga, the best of everything kawaii as well as entertainment like live stage performances of the hottest J-Pop music and more. Savour food and drink from sushi and sake to snacks and sweets, before soaking up some traditional Japanese culture such as hand-crafts and martial arts, even learning some Japanese language, or even getting travel advice about a trip to Japan of your very own!

If you’d like to join, book your tickets now! Hopefully we can make a big day/night out of this!

We are going to the second Saturday session (with priority entry obvs!) Come with us!!

Want to come?


Olympia Grand

Hammersmith Road
London, W14 8UX United Kingdom