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LDN Gaymers: Newbie Night


Tuesday 9 January 2018
6.00 pm - 10.30 pm

About this event

It’s time once again to welcome our n00bs *AHEM* newbies to LDN Gaymers 🤓 Come down on Tuesday 9th January to play some video games and board games with newbies and veterans alike.

If you see someone with a pink sticker it means that this is their first event, so please be nice to them and give them a warm welcome 🤗

In case you haven’t noticed it’s rather chilly at the moment so we have relocated to The Eagle to make sure you can stay warm and cosy. You’re welcome 😘

Want to come?


The Eagle

349 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5QY United Kingdom

At this venue:
  Gendered bathrooms
  Gender-neutral bathrooms
  Step-free access
  Accessible bathroom
  Free entry for carers