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League of Legends night – Welcome Summoners!


Tuesday 9 August 2016
7.30 pm - 11.30 pm

About this event

The time has come come for the LDN Gaymers to take the fight to Summoner’s Rift. All night we’ll be playing rounds of 5v5 Draft and ARAM, so join in and show us your best Thresh hook!

If possible we’re going to enter custom games rather than the standard online queues, so there’s no need to worry about the usual trolling or matchmaking issues. We’ll be dividing the teams based on the average of their dynamic queue ranking, so don’t worry if like Justin Mahboubian-Jones you’re a Bronze for lifer who wants in on the action.

We’ll be using Discord to communicate so just follow this link to hear our dulcet tones. https://discord.gg/aVsYX4k

Good luck, and remember, stay positive!

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