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Newbie Night – June


Tuesday 5 June 2018
7.00 pm - 10.30 pm

About this event

It is time once again to welcome our newbies to Gaymers iNC. with a night of video games and drinks at the Eagle.

The first batch of tickets is just for people who have never been to one of our gaming meet-ups at The Old School Yard or a previous Newbie Night.​

The second batch of tickets is open to everyone. The second batch is released 29 May at 6pm.

The second batch of tickets is open to everyone – so whether you’re old school or a n00b, everyone is welcome. The second batch is released 29 May at 6pm.
Remember, if you see someone with the pink newbie sticker at the event, they’re new – so please give them a warm welcome!

Newbie Night FAQ

I’m new – can I come?

Absolutely! This night is all about you – our new members. We reserve a selection of the tickets especially for newbies to give more people the opportunity to attend.

What happens on the night?

When you arrive one of the admins will check you in and give you a name sticker. We also give newbies a pink sticker so that everybody can look out for you and make you feel welcome. There will be consoles around the venue – simply hop on and play. If you’re feeling shy, an admin can help you get on a console with somebody. Just remember, everybody with a pink sticker is in the same situation – so don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with somebody. We usually run some mixer games too, so that people get to mingle and introduce themselves to one another.

Is the Eagle wheelchair accessible?

Yes – this venue is wheelchair accessible.

It’s my first time and I’m nervous!

There’s no need to worry about coming alone, people are very friendly at our events. A lot of our regulars come in groups with their friends, so make sure to say hello to people!

As you might expect, a bar full of consoles and gamers can get crowded and noisy! We recommend checking out the basement where it’s more chilled.

Our admin team and hosts are always on hand to help you meet new gamers – so if you’re shy, nervous or feel overwhelmed please, please, please tell the team so we can help

Why do I need a ticket for this event?

To meet the occupancy limit of the venue we issue tickets for this event. Gaymers iNC. is a non-profit group and we reinvest everything in new games, consoles and throwing great events.

Want to come?


The Eagle

349 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5QY United Kingdom

At this venue:
  Gendered bathrooms
  Gender-neutral bathrooms
  Step-free access
  Accessible bathroom
  Free entry for carers