This year marked the first time that LDNGaymers marched at the Pride parade through London, and our boys did themselves proud. They raised the call for LGBT people to come and join us with the message that there’s a place for geeks and gaymers – and it’s with us!

The day started early with the expert body painting skills of Seventaimage. The gaymers got their cosplay mood on and transformed into superheroes from across the spectrum. Then it was time to march!

London Pride 2016: Body Painting London Pride 2016: Mattia Getting Painted London Pride 2016: Adam Before and After

Traveling down from Portland Place, the parade wound its way through central London with many superhero photo opportunities along the way. Our banner was carried high behind us as we stomped through Oxford Circus, down Regent Street and through Piccadilly Circus. It was an electric atmosphere with the people of London coming together to celebrate with the LGBT community. Eventually the parade came to a conclusion at Trafalgar Square and the party continued with live acts on the big stage.

London Pride 2016: The Parade

To finish off we thought our boys had earned themselves a good drink, so off to Ku Bar we went to celebrate a job well done.

Definitely a day to remember – well done gaymers!!!

– ⚔ LDNGaymers ⚔