Ever wanted to try your hand at a dance class? Been before but want to learn with your fellow Gaymers? Well you’re in luck because our very own Jake Savige will be hosting a small Dance Class for this month’s Gaymers Active!


We have only 20 places for the class!

Whether you’re new to poles or have already mastered the art of using them, our very own Sam King is going to be teaching a Pole Fit class just for us Gaymers.

We have only 12 places for the class! To confirm your place, book a ticket!


Are you top tier Tekken? Are you keen for some Kombat? Time to put your skills to the test in the real world as we grapple and throw our way to martial prowess.

Along with our friends at Ishigaki Jujitsu, one of London’s longest running LGBT martial arts clubs, we will be hosting a beginners Jujitsu class Tuesday 23rd of April. The class is 100% free and no special equipment is needed so you have very few excuses not to come and get sweaty with us.

There are limited spaces available (Ishigaki is a responsible club so they like to keep class sizes manageable so there are enough instructors for each student) so I will be doing a max of 25 people for this particular event. Grab your ticket to secure your place!

To read more about the night take a look at Ishigaki’s website here https://www.ishigaki.org.uk/

Gaymers! Who loves trampolining? Add in some balls… NOW PICK THEM UP AND THROW THEM AT EACH OTHER! Dodgeball trampolining is back again for another Gaymers Active meet-up!



Gaymers! You wanted it and we got it! Introducing Gaymers Active again for January 2019! 😁

Have you ever wanted to shoot an arrow at another Gaymer? Well now is your chance! We’re back once again at 2020 Archery for another awesome Gaymers Active Archery Tag!


To secure your place, it’s £31.05 for 1.5hours or archery and games! We had such an amazing time last time so definitely worth doing it! 



Let’s meet at London Bridge at 11:45am.

WHAT TO WEAR 🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️

They’ve recommended to wear loose sports clothing, and if possible to wear contact lenses instead of glasses as the face masks are quite tight .


If you’d still like to play we may be able to add a couple more people in. Get in touch with me (Yusif) if you’d like to.


Channel your inner TowerFall Hero and shoot the opposing team with arrows. You’ll have to run into the middle to get any arrows in the first place though.


After we’re done, we can pop down to a nice pub and have a roast together 😍